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From Shopify to eBay: How to Expand Your Online Sales and Crush Your Competition

Increase your sales potential by diversifying your sales channels. Shopify and eBay are two of the biggest players in the eCommerce game, and integrating the two platforms can help you reach a wider audience and increase your revenue. Integrating Shopify and eBay allows you to manage your inventory, sales, and customers from a single platform, saving you time and resources. So get ready to take your business to new heights.

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Who can benefit from Shopify to eBay integration?

Dropshippers Icon

Dropshippers can improve their inventory management and order processing to boost your profits. Integrate Shopify with eBay to easily manage your product listings, inventory, and orders across both platforms.

eCom Guru Icon

eCommerce gurus operating multiple stores, Shopify to eBay integration can streamline product listing management and provide a more centralized order fulfillment process.

Online Brands Icon

Online brands can tap into the vast user base of the marketplace and grow their online presences. Connecting Shopify and eBay will allow you to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

Marketplace Sellers Icon

Marketplace sellers can reach a massive audience by Integrating Shopify with eBay while maintaining centralized inventory and order management.

How to sync Shopify to eBay?

Both Shopify and eBay have features and apps directly available on their marketplaces that will allow you to integrate. Here are the steps you can follow to sync the platforms:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Go to the Apps section within your Shopify store. Find and install Sellbery from the Shopify Marketplace.

After installation, open the Sellbery app. Wait for the products to load and click on "Import" for the items you plan to transfer to another marketplace.

Go to "Add channel" within Sellbery. Connect the eBay sales channel.

Navigate to the "Products" section. Select the desired products and click on "Export to," then choose your eBay sales channel.

Once the export is complete, go to the eBay sales channel and finish preparing the products for uploading to eBay. Set an appropriate category, as well as Business policy.

Click on "Upload to eBay," and the products will be uploaded to eBay.


Why you need Sellbery for Shopify and eBay integration

Explore Sellbery’s AI-powered features that can take your eCommerce business to the next level, in the near future.

Memo icon Smarter Listings, Faster ROI
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Say goodbye to spending countless hours on manual product listings. Our eCommerce AI helps you create and bulk edit product titles, descriptions, images and tags in a matter of seconds - giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Card index dividers icon MultiChannel Selling in one click

Sellbery makes it easy for you to take your products beyond the boundaries of a single eCommerce platform, so you can reach more customers and increase sales. Our integrated MultiChannel selling feature lets you sync up all your sales channels with just one click.

High voltage icon Stay organized and save time

Sellbery simplifies the tedious process of inventory management, effortlessly empowering you to maintain a seamless grip on stock levels, orders, and listings across multiple sales channels. With Sellbery, you gain the convenience of monitoring and making necessary adjustments from a unified and centralized hub, eliminating the hassle of navigating through various platforms. Experience a newfound efficiency in managing your inventory with Sellbery at your side

Bar chart icon Analyze performance with AI dashboard
chart AI

Experience a groundbreaking AI dashboard builder that empowers you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your eBay store. With this cutting-edge tool, you have the freedom to effortlessly articulate the specific type of graph or chart you desire, and our advanced artificial intelligence will seamlessly generate it for you in real-time. Immerse yourself in a wealth of valuable data insights, enabling you to closely monitor and evaluate the performance of your eCommerce venture like never before.

magic-icon AI Images for Products
generate AI

With the remarkable power of advanced artificial intelligence, Sellbery AI revolutionizes the process of generating striking product images. You can create product images that perfectly complement your product descriptions, which will boost your conversions. Embrace the efficiency and money-saving advantages provided by Sellbery AI, as it empowers you to effortlessly produce top-tier images with unparalleled ease.

listing AI

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What is the best way to sync Shopify store data with eBay?

Using an integration app or software is the best way to synchronize Shopify store data with eBay. There are several third-party integration tools available that can help you automate the process of syncing your Shopify store data with your eBay account.

Does Shopify take a percentage of eBay sales?

No, Shopify does not take a percentage of eBay sales. eBay fees are separate from Shopify fees, and eBay fees are paid directly to eBay. Shopify charges a monthly subscription fee for its services, and additional transaction fees if you use a third-party payment provider. However, there are some third-party apps or services that charge fees for Shopify to eBay integration, so it's important to research and compare the price of the options before choosing one.

How do I automate Shopify to eBay product listing?

There are several third-party apps or services that allow you to automate Shopify to eBay product listing. One popular option is Sellbery, which offers a range of features including automated product syncing, bulk listing, and order management.
Another option is InkFrog, which also offers automation features such as automatic eBay category mapping and auto-relisting of unsold items. Both of these services offer integrations with Shopify, and allow you to manage your eBay listings directly from your Shopify store.
Other options include Sellbrite, ChannelAdvisor, and Solid Commerce. It's important to research and compare different options to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

How can I manage the stock level between Shopify and eBay?

Managing stock levels between Shopify and eBay can be challenging, but there are several third-party apps or services that can help. One option is to use an inventory management app that integrates with both Shopify and eBay, such as Sellbery or SKULabs. These apps allow you to track your inventory levels across multiple sales channels, including Shopify and eBay, and automatically update stock levels as sales are made.

Are there any fees associated with eBay Shopify integration?

Yes, there may be fees associated with eBay Shopify integration depending on the integration app or software you use.
Some integration apps charge a monthly fee, while others charge a percentage of your sales revenue. For example, Sellbery charges a monthly fee based on the number of eBay orders you have, with pricing starting at $19 per month.
In addition to the fees charged by integration apps, eBay and Shopify both charge fees for using their respective platforms. eBay charges listing and final value fees for each sale made on their platform, while Shopify charges monthly subscription fees and transaction fees for using their platform and payment processing services.

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