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Unlock the Power of eCommerce with Shopify to Amazon Integration

When it comes to eCommerce marketplaces, Amazon reigns supreme as the largest and most profitable platform. Shopify to Amazon integration enables you to unlock the tremendous potential to tap into this lucrative marketplace, effectively boosting your sales and expanding your business horizons.

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Who can benefit from Shopify to Amazon integration?

Dropshippers Icon

Dropshippers leverage Amazon's massive audience to reach new customers and increase your sales. By integrating your Shopify store with the Amazon marketplace, you can tap into millions of potential buyers who are actively searching for products like yours.

eCom Guru Icon

eCommerce gurus spend less time managing orders and more time focused on growing your business. Sync Shopify and Amazon is an efficient way of managing multiple stores, saving time and resources while increasing revenue.

Online Brands Icon

Online brands boost your reach through Amazon's vast customer base Connecting both Shopify and Amazon channels can significantly increase your visibility, leading to higher sales revenue and brand value.

Marketplace Sellers Icon

Marketplace sellers can streamline their operations and focus on what matters most - growing their business. By syncing the inventory, you can seamlessly manage product availability across both channels in real-time, ensuring that you don't miss out on sales due to a lack of stock.

How to sync Shopify to Amazon?

Both Shopify and Amazon allow you to directly integrate the marketplace. Here are the steps you can follow to sync your Shopify store to Amazon:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Go to the Apps section within your Shopify store. Find and install Sellbery from the Shopify Marketplace.

After installation, open the Sellbery app. Wait for the products to load and click on "Import" for the items you plan to transfer to another marketplace.

Go to "Add channel" within Sellbery. Connect the Amazon sales channel.

Navigate to the "Products" section. Select the desired products and click on "Export to," then choose your Amazon sales channel.

Once the export is complete, go to the Amazon sales channel and finish preparing the products for uploading to Amazon. Provide any required unique identifiers for the products.

Click on "Upload to Amazon," and the products will be uploaded to Amazon. PS: Please note that Amazon may take 5-15 minutes to review the uploaded products before they appear in your inventory.

Get started with Shopify to Amazon integration today unlock a world of enhanced operational efficiency and increased sales potential with extra sales channels!

Power Up Your Shopify and Amazon integration with Sellbery

Make Shopify to Amazon integration easier with Sellbery. Connect your Shopify with Amazon using Sellbery to streamline, automate and simplify your business processes to save time and increase sales.

Memo icon AI-driven product listings
listing AI

You can create customer personalized product listings with no effort at all thanks to our advanced eCommerce AI that generates titles, descriptions, images, tags and more.

Card index dividers icon MultiChannel Selling

Sellbery is the ultimate solution for Shopify to Amazon integration. It makes it easier for you to manage multiple sales channels from one place — Sellbery integrates with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and many more for a truly unified experience.

High voltage icon Efficient Inventory Management

Sellbery empowers you to manage inventory levels in real-time: Synchronize your inventory between Shopify and Amazon to avoid running out of stock or overstocking. You can track stock levels across multiple selling channels and set low inventory alerts to stay on top of things.

Bar chart icon Analytics & Insights
chart AI

With the help of Sellber AI dashboard builder you can get comprehensive reports on your store performance, search optimization & user engagement so you can make the most informed decisions. Leverage the information and make quick edits to your listings in bulk for a single or multiple products. Experience a newfound efficiency in managing your store and make data-driven decisions that accelerate your success.

magic-icon AI Product Image Generation
generate AI

Sellbery AI, provides you with the ultimate solution for effortlessly generating top-tier product visuals which can improve your conversions. Leveraging the power of advanced artificial intelligence, Sellbery AI has the capability to produce high-quality product images that perfectly align with your product descriptions. Say goodbye to the painstaking process of image creation and embrace the time and effort saved with Sellbery AI.

listing AI

Don't wait any longer to enhance your brand's presence with Sellbery's eCommerce AI!

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Can I manage orders in both Shopify and Amazon simultaneously?

Yes, Shopify to Amazon integration apps enable you to see orders for both platforms and then you can manage them accordingly.

Is it necessary to have an Amazon Professional Seller account to integrate with Shopify?

Yes, you must have an Amazon Professional Seller account to set up integration with Shopify.

How do I set up an automated process for updating stock levels between Shopify and Amazon?

You can link your Shopify and Amazon inventory in your Amazon sales channel this will allow Shopify to take control and automatically update your stock levels. Alternatively, you can use inventory management tools like Sellbery.

Can I link my Shopify to Amazon FBA?

Yes, you can link Shopify to Amazon FBA using your Amazon Seller account. Keep in mind you will have to set up your inventory and items stored in the Amazon warehouse beforehand. Otherwise, you will be violating Amazon's inventory policy.

What are the considerations for integrating Shopify with Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program?

Before you integrate Shopify with FBA, you'll need to ensure that your products are eligible for FBA and comply with Amazon's requirements for labeling, packaging, and shipping. You'll also need to consider the costs of using FBA, including storage fees, fulfillment fees, and any additional fees for non-standard items.
Another consideration is how well FBA will integrate with your existing Shopify setup. You'll need to ensure that your Shopify store is properly configured to communicate with FBA, and that you have a clear understanding of how orders will be fulfilled and tracked.

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