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Do you still manually add products in your stores?

While you can easily sync and edit product listings between multiple stores at once and in one place

Multichannel Product Listing

Avoid routine work. Don’t spend time on the manual product listing - better spend more time on classy marketing campaigns. Quickly launch all your products from your website to marketplaces or marketplace to marketplace.

Direct hit icon Connect all products in one place

You can have as many online shops as you want, and Sellbery will help you easily connect the most popular sales channels and manage all product data in one place. Save many hours spent on managing each shop or marketplace separately.

High voltage icon Fast and easy migration to new channels

Expand your business and spread globally across multiple channels. Use Sellbery to target your customers wherever they shop. Connect your online store with marketplaces and shopping engines to increase product visibility that will multiply your sales.

Brain icon One control center for inventory

With Sellbery control center for inventory data, you can avoid discrepancies, overselling, and ensuring that all orders are listed properly. So, track, synchronize, and manage all incoming orders from your listed product channels in one control center.

Counterclockwise arrows icon Order Information Sync

You will see all order details, just straight after your buyers make purchases. Track all your orders from every sales channel in one place.

Card index dividers icon Bonus growth hack:
Multi - accounts on every marketplace

You can connect as many accounts as you need to every marketplace and manage products and orders between them. You can also sell different product groups in different accounts and see them all in Sellbery.

Edit faster and update simpler

Editing each product separately is frustrating. And, no longer needed. You can bulk product edit, and sync both products and orders.

Product Information Optimization

Every eCommerce platform and marketplace requires a specific product description. You can edit and optimize each product on any store or marketplace you have. Bulk shortcut creation is also at your service, along with marketplace SEO for category specific fields, and as an extra product split testing use case.

Memo icon Product information editing

We know that the listing information requirements can vary in different stores, so adapt the product listings for every sales channel you have. Add images, shorten descriptions or add more details.

Hammer and wrench icon Bulk template editing

Create product profiles for your titles, descriptions, and other attributes to eliminate extra work for new channel listing and make the product info relevant for marketplace SEO in several clicks.

Bar chart icon SEO product optimization

Sellbery helps sellers SEO-optimize product listings for each of their online stores. Write proper SEO titles to beat the algorithm and be seen by potential customers; add SEO descriptions to help your audience find your store faster.

Puzzle piece icon Product variations flexibility

The more items you sell, the more variations you add. Sellbery offers you full product variations flexibility to engage your buyers with more assortment.

Balance scale icon Bonus growth hack:
Split product testing

Create two similar simple products. Instead of using a secondary category on eBay, publish them in two categories to include fields in the category-specific family to have stronger SEO. Change their titles, descriptions, or 1st image that you want to test. An voilà - wait for the sales winner to appear!

Features that make life simpler for these integrations

No more growth stagnation

By spending hours on irrelevant manual work or hiring new people who do so. With Sellbery, sellers can integrate 5 sales channels to optimize their listings and expand to new online stores for growth.

Stock Sync

Sellers manually enter product quantity connecting listings on their platforms. Sellbery automates most of the processes that used to need hours to spend. It doesn’t matter how many products or sales channels you have - you can sync them automatically here.

Dizzy icon Instant product sync with all channels

Very quick and automated synchronization of products with multiple sales channels allows you to cut hours of manual work.

Clipboard icon Product information sync

Synchronization of product descriptions (or other product information) is simple and fast.
Don't bother yourself manually adding it to other channels. Instead, add a product description to one sales channel and sync it.

Megaphone icon Bonus growth hack:
Last call quantity setting

The last call on stock creates a sense of urgency for the buyers. By setting up a min and max available quantity, you can stop product quantities lowering at 3 items.
When you know your restock is on its way and you don’t want to stop selling. This also helps to prevent competitors from seeing your real stock quantity. Cash in more sales by creating an illusion of high demand!

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