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Automate your sales channels

Expand to a new channel or automate your existing channels for any quantity of products with PIM (product information management).

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Save time and make money

Don’t spend hours on product managing quantities across sales channels. Then, customizing product information for eBay vs. X marketplaces, and manual listing on to a new channel.

Keeping track of stock quantities by hand takes a lot of time. On top of that, it will lead to mistakes. As a result, you'd face issues with marketplaces.

Human error is unavoidable which could result in negative experience for buyers.
Wasting 30+ hours a month = decreased efforts that could be used on increasing sales.
Using spreadsheets for order that creates more clutter and inventory quantity mess across 2+ channels.

Looking to expand to eBay or to a new channel from eBay? But manual product transfer always causes you to put it aside? That’s understandable! Since manual transfer of all your products can take weeks or even months.

Product aren’t optimized for new channel.
You need to update product information on different channels seperatly.
Not scalable on always growing inventory.

A lack of a customized product line for a sales channel will result in a decrease in sales. Customers never find you and use many tools to keep everything intact.

Difficult to manage multiple sales channels seperatly.
Hours to make categorical product updates.
Revenue loss.

All can be fixed with one solution!

"Sellbery helped us connect all Puma's ecommerce sales channels in one place for the fraction of the price that we use to spend". Decreased operation time and management by 10x.

Aleksandr K. Puma Group & Ecommerce Operations Manager
Price $800 $67/month

PIM solution for eBay product management

Product management from one control center

Without repetitive work, you may update, bulk edit products, and connect to more channels.

Fast quanty sync to avoid overselling

Prevent overselling when you forget to restock.

Sync orders from Ebay

and marketplaces in one control center

Allocate business expenses to more important areas in business

Save $2000 on manual help or 35+ hours of multichannel management per month.

Expand your products to all channels - simpler

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How to Grow your online exposure to other sales channels in 4 easy steps

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4

Step 1All product in one place

All product in one place
We integrate with most popular marketplaces and still growing.

Is it hard to connect my store?

No, it takes a couple of clicks and we are every step of the way with our support available in live-chat.

What other marketplaces do you plan to have?

By the end of 2021, we will add Facebook, Instagram marketplace and Walmart.

Step 2Calibrate products once

Calibrate products once - eBay
Forget going through different eBay accounts or other sales channels to make product updates. Bulk edit, update or modify product info in one place to manage products simpler.

You’ll will have complete control even if you’re selling on multiple sales channels from one place.

Product syndication allows to create products in better SEO shapes for eBay within Sellbery.

Create shortcuts to manage different products in bulk.

Alternative solutions require you to have the website admin to make any product changes.

Step 3Sync product quantities

Sync product details
Create automatic sync with all 5 integrations and forget about manual stock management. Don’t spend time on tasks that can be automated. Removing manual work and increasing your business health.

Allocating time to business growth

Removing human error and prevent overselling on stock that you won’t restock in time.

Create urgency on limited stock left when you set min or max on products for different accounts.

Alternatives platforms have 24 hour sync (ex. GoDataFeed).

Step 4Find new store to expand sales

Find new store to expand sales - eBay
Save your time on frustrating manual listings to new sales channels. For new or experienced sellers, product info optimization is critical for marketplaces. We will make sure you have all important information for eBay to be ranking higher on new store.

Simpler migration to new channels.

Cover any product fields needs for new marketplace.

Focus on testing product formats and ranking higher on eBay to increase sales.

40+ hours of manual listing on new sales channels.

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Jack Ma

“You should learn from your competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die”

Jack Ma

EC Alibaba Group

Don’t want to deal with extensive migration or painful setup process of your product line?

Leave it up to us! With our eCommerce Guru we provide 2-hours of onboarding and free help at every step of the way.

Update products, manage product information, sync quantities and all of that from one control center without a high cost of PIM platforms

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Can I automatically synchronize my existing eBay listings with Shopify?

A: You can synchronize your eBay listings with Sellbery then use Sellbery to export them to Shopify. There will be no direct synchronization of the data between eBay and Shopify - instead, you can use Sellbery to control the inventory in both eBay and Shopify stores.

How can I sync my products on eBay with WooCommerce?

A: You can connect both eBay and WooCommerce stores to Sellbery and import the products from eBay. After that you can do all the inventory management on Sellbery and send the updated data to eBay and WooCommerce at any time.

Is it possible to connect multiple eBay accounts to Sellbery?

A: Yes, you can connect multiple eBay accounts to Sellbery.

How can Sellbery help integrate eBay with Amazon?

A: If you have your listings on both eBay and Amazon, you can link them via Sellbery and do all the product and order management within a single platform. Sellbery allows you to adjust the properties of your listings and keep track of the stock levels to avoid overselling on all connected marketplaces.

Can I set different stock levels and prices for different marketplaces connected to Sellbery?

A: You can adjust the prices for different marketplaces on Sellbery. However, the inventory levels are updated automatically based on the imported order data and there is no possibility to change the stock manually. Although, you can set the minimum and maximum stock levels for each sales channel to avoid overselling or make sure your listings stay active even if there are no items in stock at the moment. You can also disable the inventory update for any of your sales channels individually on Sellbery.

What if my SKUs are not the same across my websites and marketplaces?

A: Sellbery uses SKU or GTINs to identify the products and create a connection between the item in the external store and its copy on Sellbery. In order to sync the products successfully, you must have at least one type of product identifier that is identical across.

Does Sellbery support variable products?

A: Yes, it is possible to work with variable products on Sellbery.