eCommerce Analytics

Track your performance to make better decisions

Sellbery collects the most important eCommerce data and presents it to you through fully-customizable comprehensive reports. Analytics lets you know how sales on each channel affect your business and helps you make data-driven decisions only.

Product feed Analytics

Simple data visualization

Forget about the scary-looking Excel-like reports. Sellbery Analytics is designed to present the data in the most eye-friendly way: every project has its own color to make your chart more intelligible. The graphs are interactive, coherent, and easy-to-read.

Simple data visualization
Make intelligent decisions

Make intelligent decisions

Sellbery eccomerce analytics allows you to easily plan, implement, and adjust your multi-channel activities. Take a closer look at your sales reports at any time: check how well you did over the last month, week or day. Compare your current results with the previous period and see the changes calculated in %.

Only valuable metrics

Concentrate on numbers that matter. The analytics graph contains the most fundamental and informative eCommerce metrics: revenue, number of orders, items per order, and average order value. They are enough to help understand which of your channels bring you bigger profits and which ones you need to work on.

Only valuable metrics
Create your own dashboards

Create your own dashboards

Compare and analyze data as you want to. You can create a comparison between any platform that you sell on or stack projects that you created up against each other.

All-in-One Multichannel Listing Software

Manage eCommerce from a single platform – feeds, orders, inventory and much more!
Code-Free Solution

Utilize the app’s full functionality without writing any single line of code.

Feed Automation

Update feeds and synchronize orders automatically and at your chosen rate.

Backwards Compatibility

Use Amazon, eBay or Etsy as the import point for uploading your products.

Mapping Templates

Save endless manual work via pre-configured mapping templates.

Intuitive Interface

The simplest tool, designed to do nothing but provide the very best user experience.

API Connection

Connect with all supported channels via the most advanced API method.

Agile Attributes

Create personalized product attributes that fit your unique business.

Free Channels

Sell on every supported channel of your choosing with zero additional costs.

Smart Reports

Check the efficiency of order synchronization and effortlessly fix any issues.


No need to install plugins or desktop applications, and no coding needed.

Audit Log

Track every activity that you perform when using your Sellbery account.

Free Support

Contact us via phone, email and online chat to swiftly solve any issue.

All channels — One system

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