How to Connect to More Marketplaces and Reach your Customer?

Sellbery helps increase sales up to 200% with multiple sales channels on 14 most popular integrations. Prevent understock and overselling and gather all your orders in one place and make data-driven decisions.

Step 1

Add your Store and a Target Marketplace

Choose from where your product is transferred and uploaded to with over 14 integrations. You can Product Sync to as many channels as you need with no additional charge per channel!

Start Forever Free with 99 SKUs

Step 2

Prevent Overselling

Control your Product Sync with anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours

Prevent Overselling Today

Step 3

Upload the Product & Expand your Sales Channels

Upload your product to your current marketplaces and start with other integrations on Sellbery to grow your business.

Choose a Plan Today

Step 4

Enable Order Sync

Managing orders from many marketplaces?

Make sure new orders are reflected in your available inventory.

All orders can be synced back to your Store.

Order Sync All Marketplaces

Get your Products into Sellbery and List on Multiple Marketplaces

  • Download your Products
  • Transfer your Products to Export
  • Filter and Select Appropriate Category
Download as much of your inventory into Sellbery based on your needs

Take the load from the manual product update

One time sync allows for automatic updates made in your Store

Sellbery can download & transfer 100 or 100,000 products at once with ease

Push your products to a Marketplace or a Store

One-click transfer of your products to export

No risk, you can always adjunct for products in export by deleting them

Manage for any Category and Match them on the Marketplace

Filers to help you match for appropriate categories

Place your products where they will be seen

The flexibility that Sellbery provides allows for greater representation and growth of your sales

Map everything together

Flexible data transfer of all information that you need

Go through the process once and sync all products every 15-minutes.

Price control to accommodate your fees on Marketplace


Transfer the information that you need – titles, descriptions, price, etc. by matching attributes of each side.


Add custom values information if you don’t have a representative attribute in your store.

Price Control

Add, multiply, or subtract from your price in order to accommodated the marketplace fees.

Values that help your business grow

Unlimited Channels

Sell on every supported channel of your choosing with zero additional costs.

No Revenue Sharing

No fees on orders and # of orders.

Keep all your profit.

Product / Order Sync

Automate your eCommerce business. Bulk list your product across multiple sales channels and receive all orders back in your store.

I want to automate my channels and grow my sales for free — today!

Sellbery has taken the burden off me from having to list my handmade items in multiple marketplaces. I can now list them just once – in my Shopify store – and Sellbery migrates them to my Etsy shop while I sleep. The personalized customer care (yes! you work directly with a real person!) is top-notch, and Alena, my representative, always goes above and beyond to ensure the system is working to my particular needs and satisfaction. Definitely, worth the monthly fee in the time it will save you listing items across multiple platforms, not to mention tracking inventory and sales. Highly recommend. 🙂

— Robyn Parrish

Outstanding Customer Service and Support. The App itself is excellent and appears to be ¨tweaked ¨to suit all requirements from Sellbery`s Excellent Support Team. Would highly recommend to all those interested. My company will certainly be long term clients. Thank You to all the Team at Sellbery.

— Geoff Stenhouse

A great tool that helps me grow my jewelry business. First, I had my products only on Etsy, but then I decided to reach more customers and get to other marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to manage all these marketplaces and even started to think about hiring a separate person for that. And then a friend of mine recommend Sellbery. This is one of the best purchases I made. It automatically syncs products and orders at my chosen rate. So, once I set up everything, I don’t even need to log in Sellbery often. I also like making my own dashboards to analyze and compare the performance of all marketplaces to find which one works the best and which one needs my special focus. It helps me work smart.

— Katharina Schwarz

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Still not sure?

Read over some of the frequently asked questions

Feed Questions

Can I sync my products from marketplace to marketplace?

Absolutely, you can export your listings from one marketplace to another, transfer your product variations and keep your inventory updated across multiple channels with just a few clicks on Sellbery.

Is it possible to sync my products via Sellbery if I already have these listings on the marketplace?

Yes, it is possible to update the existing listings using Sellbery if their SKUs on the marketplace are the same as those on the source channel from which they are exported.

Mapping Questions

Is there any help available with mapping?

Of course, we are available to answer any question in live chat in-app. Free webinars(link) are available to guide you through the steps.

Is there any way to have someone do the mapping for me?

Yes, we offer a paid Channel Setup Service for this purpose. You can buy this service in the Shop section of your Sellbery account, and our Customer Success team will do the mapping setup for you.

Product Management Questions

Can I update my inventory in Sellbery?

You can update inventory in your Store, and Sellbery product sync will automatically update your listings across the marketplaces.

What happens to my listings exported through Sellbery if I cancel my Sellbery subscription?

Your listings will remain intact. Cancellation of your Sellbery subscription will only stop the product and order synchronization process, but it will not affect the existing listings data.

Order Sync Questions

How do I differentiate the orders from a marketplace and store purchases?

It is simple. When order sync is enabled, you can enter a custom order status that will be applied to the orders imported from the marketplace. This will help you to distinguish such orders from those made in your store directly.

Are the orders synced immediately as they are placed on a marketplace?

No, the Order Sync is done by schedule. You can set the time interval for the Order Sync anywhere between 15 min and 24 hours.

Integration Questions

How many integrations do you have?

We have 16 integrations with the most popular marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and others. Additionally, with shopping carts like Shopify, Magento ½, and WooCommerce.

Is it possible to have a custom integration with Sellbery by API?

This feature is not supported at the moment.