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How to Increase Amazon Sales: Ultimate Guide

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How to Increase Amazon Sales

Amazon is an online marketplace with the world's largest competition. Today, more than 2 million merchants generate 40% of all Amazon sales. More than 100 thousand of them have a turnover of no less than six-digit sum each year. Impressive and scary to start!

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Amazon is an online marketplace with the world’s largest competition. Today, more than 2 million merchants generate 40% of all Amazon sales. More than 100 thousand of them have a turnover of no less than six-digit sum each year. Impressive and scary to start!

Being in the search of success on Amazon, we stand ready to assist you. We’ve prepared the hottest pieces of advice on how to augment your capital and make the online store blow up with orders.

A Way Out of the Bottom of Amazon Search Results

Initially, after launching some goods in the marketplace, you will most likely find yourself at the bottom of the search results. It happens because of the lack of sales, Amazon reviews, and real rank. After having found yourself on the bottom of search results, you’re probably not getting the number of sales you planned to carry out.

It seems that this cannot be avoided, but there is an important point. This is Account Health. Thanks to a special indicator, you can successfully launch sales from the very first day of the store’s existence. But you can also spoil the rating of the store. These things happen because of negative reviews about the resale of other people’s items, refunds, or poor delivery. Before we proceed to the details, here are 3 important rules to keep in mind throughout the process:

  1. Verify all stuff of the store. View not only your account but vanity metrics also. If you do not pay attention to performance notifications, there is a great risk of missing out serious dangers to your account rating.
  2. Add account verification as a required item. Use the SOP (standard operating procedure). It is a document of all processes that details how the operator should complete all the actions. Add it to your plan as some sort of frequency loop, write down the steps you need to follow, and use notes to make sure it runs completely and correctly every time.
  3. Take all the possible measures of protection. Here you should consider all the actions that can prevent any risks or threats to your store. Moreover, you should think about what you will do if any threats nevertheless arise.

Amazon Account Health

It doesn’t matter how good your merchandise is, as long as there are no reviews there will be no sales. This affects the rating of BSR (Best Seller Rating), the item’s position relative to the best seller in its category. It seems to be a vicious circle with no reviews without sales.

  1. Quality and review

The main feature of your brand is quality. Start your account check from this point. It leads to a comprehensive analysis of your business interests. Have appropriate measures been taken to assess these issues? What could lead to complaints about the quality of the items? Let’s have a look at the following points:

  • Listings. Make sure all descriptions and captions are accurate and customers understand the product correctly. Always check product descriptions for errors, incorrect facts, and anything that is misleading. Because of such errors, you may receive a large number of returns and complaints.
  • Documentation. All of your documentation must comply with Amazon guidelines. Moreover, all correspondence, letters, and invoices from suppliers of goods should be kept.
  • Keep abreast of all the rules. Try to make sure that all your employees clearly know the rules of work on the site. Conduct training courses and bring all the news and relevant information to employees.

Stick to the recommendations above to avoid making mistakes and getting suspended. Most of these risks can be eliminated by using SOP.

  1. Indicators on efficiency and customers’ feedbacks

Do a full analysis of the frequency of order defects, claims, and chargebacks to identify customer dissatisfaction. Do your customer reviews show complaints about quality or conditions? Is your order defect rate high, or you used to cancel orders?

If you cannot do this, then prepare your POA (Plan Of Action) beforehand in case Amazon comes to you with a warning or, even worse, with the threat of suspension. They may ask for a specific action plan aimed at preventing negative feedback, complaints, canceled orders, or delivery delays. Be prepared with identified causes and proactive remedies.

  1. Verify your return reasons

In doing so, you can discover and delve into any chronic problems. It is possible to identify concerns in all areas:

  • quality of products;
  • condition assessment;
  • inventory;
  • delivery;
  • pricing.
  1. Carry out an in-depth study of customer reviews

What reviews are the most? Analyze the reason for such responses. Are these reviews a specific issue or specific ASINs that attract negative feedback? Think about how you can solve such customer problems as soon as possible. Is there a problem that customers receive products that differ from what you claimed in the store?

Think about your own actions that will help avoid customers’ complaints and reduce future negative reviews, and suspension.

How to Increase Product Sales on Amazon?

How to Increase Product Sales on Amazon

Now, when you know how to raise up from the bottom of Amazon search results, it’s time to learn other essential amazon selling tips for ramping up your sales. Move on!

  1. Create high-quality content to drive Amazon referral traffic

Among the most efficient ways to draw customers’ attention, there is one by having top-quality images of your items for sale. It is important to have all the products photos:

  • On a white background;
  • Clearly visible (there must be the correct size and light);
  • Showcasing all angles & scenarios.

Check out if your descriptions:

  • Are illustrating all the main benefits;
  • Have statistics and facts;
  • Telling a unique story;
  • Grammatically correct;
  • Emotionally powerful;
  • Answering product-related FAQs.
  1. Create a video review

It is a new and simple way to make your clients get interested in your product. Now people prefer watching short but informative video reviews than analyzing longreads. Most merchants on the Amazon marketplace do not use this promotion method. This option will help your product have an advantage over the rest. Using the unpacking video, for example, you help the clients understand what exactly awaits them in that box. With the appearance of a huge amount of different goods and stores, all the customers have a fear of making an unsuccessful purchase. That is why your video content which can demonstrate your products can help clients to avoid such a risk.

  1. Choose Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA is a special offer to sellers. The marketplace deals with storing, packing, and shipping the products. It also provides clients support after ordering something in your web store. So with Fulfillment by Amazon merchants just need to locate and deliver products to Amazon service centers. But how will this increase product sales on Amazon?

As a rule, Amazon favors FBA products in search results. Thus, if your products are covered by this feature, they may rank higher. In addition, FBA product conversion rates are usually higher compared to none-FBA items. Users prefer and trust such kind of products because of:

  • fast shipping;
  • quality assurance;
  • reliable customer support.

All the FBA goods have a tag of free shipping. This is one more advantage for prime clients of the Amazon platform.

  1. Create an online store on Shopify

Every year, competition on Amazon is becoming increasingly strong. Shopify is another way to get customers to make purchases at your store, but not at your experienced competitors’ stores. Thanks to the excellent integration of Amazon and Shopify, you can build a web store in less than a day and configure everything on your own domain. Working on Shopify also, you are able to find more clients who do not make purchases on Amazon.

Sellbery is a multichannel listing tool which automatically synchronizes product listings, order and inventory data between online stores on Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and top marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon, Google ads. etc.

  1. Amazon Promotions: use influencers’ reviews

More often people buy goods which are advertised by the people they know. Many of them are influenced by famous people and their advice. So, communicating with influencers you can offer them a successful business. Moreover, this type of marketing is not so popular in big marketplaces. That’s why Amazon influencers is a great way to help increase your sales. When influencers make reviews and promote it among subscribers who trust them, you get in touch with potential customers you would not be able to reach otherwise.

Contact famous people who may be interested in your product. You may text them on email or directly on social networks or even through their blogs. In such a way, if you sell clothes, contact models or beauty bloggers. They can shoot a special video or photo review and demonstrate it to their followers.

Bloggers usually take monetary rewards for their efforts, though, sometimes they work on barter. A rare thing to happen. This is all about how good you can negotiate. By the way, direct communication with influencers and bloggers is often the most efficient way to succeed in this type of marketing.

Concluding Thoughts

All of the above points are equally important to you. Don’t give up, if anything goes wrong. There is a huge variety of methods that you are able to use. Anyway, you need to be able to centralize, optimize, distribute, and analyze scattered product information so you can keep all your listings accurate and generating as much revenue as possible.

If you want to succeed in Amazon sales, keep in mind that while you check the quality, adjust prices, track competitors, you will be in the TOP. It depends on the status of the account, control reviews and reviews. If you seem to be running a little low on ideas, be sure Sellbery will automate the most critical processes and will be your own sort of superman.

Wondering what are among Sellbery’s features and integrations?

Visit this page and get to know what we can offer.

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