Selling products online has never been easy. Retailers constantly compete with thousands of other sellers who offer the same products. Today, at the times when anyone with an internet connection can start an e-commerce business, standing out from the crowd and building a highly profitable e-commerce business is so challenging as it has never been before.

Amazon FBA program may become a nice trick up your sleeve. This service provided by the giant marketplace may become your competitive advantage. We have analyzed the best practices and are ready to share with you the min tips on how to increase e-commerce sales with the Amazon FBA program. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages it brings along and how to make maximum use of them.

How do I increase my Amazon FBA sales: Insight Into the Service

You may have probably heard about Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) a time or a hundred, or maybe you are already an Amazon FBA seller. Either way, it makes sense to start at the basics of how to use Amazon for sale and to continually move forward.

What is the Amazon FBA Program?

Amazon FBA Process

As you know, Amazon is one of the leading online marketplaces online, which helps sellers all over the world to offer their products on the world-famous platforms with more than 2 billion monthly visits.

Amazon FBA Program is the right solution for those who do not want to deal with warehousing, shipping, and customer support. Amazon takes these and a number of other tasks on. You can sell products without having a physical store or warehouse, or even without an online store.

Amazon FBA Program is the right solution for those who do not want to deal with warehousing, shipping, and customer support. Amazon takes these and a number of other tasks on. You can sell products without having a physical store or warehouse, or even without an online store.

Amazon stores your products in its warehouses, packages them for you and ships them on your behalf. The platform also takes care of refunds, returns, and customer services.

As you are free from handling these tasks, you can concentrate your efforts on more important tasks of promoting your products, increasing sales and margin profits. Amazon FBA is easy to set up and anyone can perform this mission with no problems.

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Can you make money on Amazon FBA?

If you are already on Amazon you might be wondering why you also need to be on Amazon FBA. The answer is simple – it helps you reach more customers, sell more products, and provide them with exceptional customer experience. If you are still not sure whether Amazon FBA is worth the effort or not, look at these statistics:

  • Amazon FBA boost sales by 30-50% and part of these results bring the Amazon Prime program
  • 73% of sellers in the U.S utilize the FBA program
  • On average, Amazon Prime members spend $1.4K on Amazon marketplace.

These are the telling numbers that you can rely on when choosing Amazon FBA.

How do I increase my Amazon FBA sales: Secret Techniques You Can Use

If despite all the efforts your sales are falling, then you need to implement new methods and techniques in your sales strategy. We have analyzed the most popular practices and chosen the most effective ones.

Increase ecommerce sales with Amazon FBA

  • Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the answer to many questions. This program by the giant retailer can make all the difference for your listings. Customers see free shipping is an undeniable advantage and can’t resist buying items with such tag. And when they see an FBA product with the Prime tag, they buy it right away.

There are more than 85 million Prime members which increase the chances that customers will notice FBA products.

  • Better search ranking

Higher search ranking is the benefits you automatically get by listing your FBA products. Amazon runs a lot of different algorithms that help to provide exceptional shopping experience and help customers find products faster.

While no one, except Amazon, of course, knows what these algorithms are and how they work, FBA products are believed to be favored by them. They naturally rank higher on the Amazon marketplace.

  • Buy Box

Did you know that the buy-box section is where important decisions are made or rather where 90% of customers buy products? It is vital for you as an FBA seller to win the Buy Box. When Amazon algorithms decide which products to place there, they give priority to FBA products.

  • Trustworthiness

Amazon is a giant retailer with many years of squeaky-clean reputation. When buying products from Amazon, customers have no doubt that they will get the best shopping experience and the products they pay for will be up to their expectations.

Amazon shares this trustworthiness with FBA sellers as the marketplace personally controls that all products are of high quality. It is like a quality stamp placed by Amazon on all your listings.

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Is selling on Amazon FBA worth it: Final thoughts

If sales are falling and all traditional methods have been tried and failed, it is time to think outside your box.

Amazon FBA Program is one of the tools that can help you build a wider customer base and increase sales. The best part about it is that you sell more products, improve their performance on the marketplace, and increase revenue margins all the while saving your time and money on warehousing, packaging, and shipping costs.