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12 Best selling pet products

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TOP selling pet products. How to start a pet business? How to sell pet products online? Selling pet products on Amazon and eBay.

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Many people are looking for a reliable business with a sufficient level of income and minimal risks. One of the good ideas  is the sale of pet products. Even under  the Covid-19 pandemic conditions, this field is not threatened. Moreover, the business of pet products is growing constantly, you can make sure by checking its growth  dynamics here.

So, what is the advantage of pet products over other products? It’s very simple. People love animals. Our small friends are giving  it selflessly, and we, in turn, want our dogs, cats, hamsters and other pets to get the best possible food to be healthy and active. This is a great way to make money for the pet supplies business owners. People will never stop loving their pets, which means there will always be demand in this field.

You can make good money in the pet products business, but many people know that as well. As a result, there is a lot of competition. If you have your own site or sites, it is very difficult to get into the TOP positions in Google. You need to spend almost $5000 on average on SEO every month for a year to rank among your competitors.

You will receive an undeniable advantage when selling pet products on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The flow of customers there is huge, and it is necessary to take advantage of it. The only question is how successful you will use it. These marketplaces also have their own internal SEO and great competition among other sellers. You need to have your products and company as a whole, corresponding to a number of requirements to rank high. Besides, selling on multiple marketplaces and on your sites is very troublesome and costly. You need to process price lists everywhere, do inventory, manage orders from everywhere and keep track of your remainder of the items. Our Sellbery product offers a solution to automate the process and help you manage it from one place. See how it works:

For those who already sell pet products on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay we can offer a free trial Try Free

In addition, after filing  in the necessary product information Sellbery will help you to rank as high as possible on all marketplaces.

Of course, only high positions will not guarantee you orders and staggering profits. It will also depend on the price, methods, delivery charges and, of course, the assortment.

For those who want to get as many orders as possible, we suggest considering the 12 best value pet supplies:

  • Feed group,
  • Cat scratchers,
  • Dog Habituating Sprays,
  • Home Cleaning Products,
  • Treats,
  • Anti-Flea and Tick Preparations,
  • Automatic Cat Toilets,
  • Auto drinkers and feeders,
  • Cages for Rodents,
  • Terrariums,
  • Dog clothing,
  • Aquariums.

Feed group

Feed groups for cats/dogs and other pets are the best selling pet products of all time. You won’t deny that dogs and cats are the most common pets? And they want to eat.  As we all know, providing the essential natural food nourishment for a pet takes a significant amount of time, nearly requiring a separate cook.

Dog eat as human gif

The porridge with meat, a piece of cheese, fish, and other food from the human table, alas, will not do. However,  it is not a healthy food for pets. The food should be balanced, otherwise the animal will not get all the necessary micronutrients, may be constantly sick and die early.

Of course, there are industrial feeds. They are divided into so-called classes of quality. For those who care about the health of their pets choose super premium or holistic. And this is quite an expensive “pleasure”.

TOP pet products on cat and dog food:

  • Royal Canin,
  • Acana,
  • Orijen,
  • Hill’s,
  • Eukanuba,
  • Pro Plan.

12 Best selling pet products Photo 2

It is unacceptable to mix natural and industrial food. This will cause the animal to secrete different food juices and cause indigestion. From one time, of course, nothing will happen. But if such a mixed diet is on a regular basis the animal will begin to have problems with digestion and in general will be in a state of constant body intoxication.

Also, don’t forget about food for fish, rodents, reptiles and parrots.

Actually, the first on the list of the best pet products to sell are good quality pet foods.

Cat scratchers

Cat scratchers – the best product for cats after cat food. You need to buy a scratching post and accustom your pet to it to protect your home from the “vandalism” of your cat. Otherwise, you will find scratched furniture, sofas and everything else. A cat is a predator, and predators have an instinct to sharpen their claws.

Sooner or later anyone who gets a cat buys a scratching post for their pet, and the  best possible. It can be a whole playset and the income from selling it are very high.

12 Best selling pet products Photo 3

Dog training sprays

Dog training sprays are another TOP selling pet products. Showing your dog where he can and can’t pee  is very difficult. Some special dog training sprays are used to  discourage peeing in specific places, others vice versa to attract them to do it in defined places. These products are not very expensive, but here you can earn from  the volume of sales, as people buy  these products quite often.

12 Best selling pet products Photo 8

Home Cleaning Products

No matter how much you want your pets to  always follow your rules, they won’t always do it. Accordingly, they may want to pee  where they want, especially until they grow up. You can’t get the smell or stain out after that with regular products, you need specialized products for this. We can assure you that one of the best selling pet supplies is pet stain and odor removers. The leader in this niche is a brand – Nature’s Miracle.

12 Best selling pet products Photo 9


How can you say no to your pet when he looks at you with such pitying eyes asking for something tasty. Of course not. Our desire to please our pet is huge. You can’t use the usual goodies like cake or chocolate for this, special treats are used. The cost of them for sellers, of course, is not comparable to food, but the volume with which treats are bought … If we take the total turnover in the pet food industry, then treats will account for about 40%. That is why it is one of the best dog products to sell.

12 Best selling pet products Photo 4

Anti-Flea and Tick Preparations

These are the best pet products to sell online in early spring. The pests are a real problem for pets, and your job is to give protection to your consumers. Any pet products business has to prepare for this season – enough products, good prices, acceptable delivery terms and, of course, high ranking positions on marketplaces.

The best selling pet products on eBay today are flea and tick repellents from the manufacturer Bayer:

  • Advanage,
  • Advantix,
  • Seresto.

12 Best selling pet products Photo 5

Automatic cat toilets

Automatic cat toilets are the best pet products on Amazon. People are getting lazy so Amazon’s best selling pet products category includes automatic cat litter toilets. Do you want to clean up your cat’s poop? That’s right, no one does. So, the trend is that someone else has to do it, and automatic toilets do it just fine.

Among the best pet products on Amazon in this niche is the manufacturer PetSafe.

12 Best selling pet products Photo 6

In general, this brand has a lot of interesting and innovative features, so we advise you to have this range on your electronic shelves.

Auto drinkers and feeders

Automatic drinkers and automatic feeders for cats and dogs. As we all know , human laziness is a very strong thing. After all, to change the water for the animal twice a day is very hard.  Okay, this is a joke. Lack of time is the problem of our world and, if you have an animal, then monitoring the quality and purity of water is very important. Drinkers make automatic fountains, so the water does not stagnate, besides it goes through a purifying filter.

Auto Feeders’ benefit is undeniable. If the owners are away for a long time, someone has to feed the animals. Not everybody can afford a nanny, but this device is much more affordable.

Generally, it is the TOP selling pet items in 2021 and the TOP auto-feeders/automatic drinkers will be around for a long time. It seems like we automate everything but we have less and less time…

Cages for Rodents

Rodent products are a very important sales segment. Those cute and funny hamsters, mice, squirrels, degu and others. Almost every child has had or will have this type of pet. You need a cage plus a lot of related products to keep it in good conditions. This category is the best  to reveal the strategy of cross selling, when you wanted to buy a cage, and bought 20 other items. Go ahead, it’s profitable.


Although reptiles are exotic pets, the passion for them is no less than for rodents. What’s more important, such hobbies are usually pursued at a mature age and people are willing to spend as much as $1000 on them. Things are even cooler in this category  than with rodent cages. You bought a terrarium, and then it goes further:  heating lamp, daylight, ultraviolet, islands, ground, decoration, thermometers, hygrometers etc. For the owner of reptiles it is very expensive to recreate an acceptable environment for exotic pets. Well, this all is to your advantage.

To this day, the leader in this niche remains the manufacturer Exo Terra:

12 Best selling pet products Photo 7

Clothes for dogs

In ancient times, people survived in extreme conditions. They had no air conditioning, just a hide from mammoth, a campfire and a strong body. It’s the same with dogs. Comfort makes us weak, so now a pet without clothes can easily get sick, and to prevent this for the last years there has been a boom in clothing for dogs.

It is important to say that this type of product is not always smooth. People have design issues, clothing may not fit and so on. Quite a few returns and problems. But all in all, this is a very interesting niche on which you can make good money.


This is the last best type of product, but this is where the real treasure is hidden. Aquarists are peculiar people. This field can be compared to tattoos, you get one, and you get the blue disease. After buying a small aquarium, you  will want more and more. And in the end, it will be  a 1 ton marine  aquarium, and it’s really expensive … oooh…

Here are products that usually are popular among pet fish buyers:

  • Aquariums,
  • Fish food,
  • Filters and filter media,
  • Compressors,
  • Heaters,
  • Decorations,
  • Aquarium’s Cabinets,
  • Accessories.

An upselling strategy works well on this group of products. In any pet business there must be a specialized aquarist. Believe me, a competent specialist can make 60% of all earnings only on the customers that like fish aquariums.

How to start a pet business?

The easiest way to start a business selling pet products is naturally online. Create a website or several websites. The best platforms for this are WooCommerce and Shopify. Here everything is very clear and accessible.

Of course the sites themselves will not bring you profit, so to sell, you need to get your goods to buyers, and the best solution for this are well known marketplaces – Amazon and eBay.

How to sell pet products online successfully?

And now, let’s talk about SEO. SEO allows your website to become visible to customers. Without SEO, your site has no future. But everyone has a budget, and it is always limited, and the results of SEO you won’t notice immediately. It takes at least half a year, and it all depends on the niche and the right approach. Sometimes, the promotion can take a couple of years and the process does not have a final point. You need to constantly work to maintain the results achieved.

During this time, the project can go bankrupt, the budget may run out, and in general there will be no mood to engage in the business of animal products. Naturally, the best results are profits, and relatively fast ones.

This you can only get from a strategy of multi-channel sales on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Do not try to compete with these giants and try to at least be in the shadow of their glory. Someone may object and say that this is not a leader strategy, that you need to move in their direction. Yes, you do. But only after your level allows you to.

Multi-channel sales are cool, but marketplaces also have their own internal SEO. There are a number of difficulties with managing several channels at the same time.

This is where our product Sellbery will help you focus all the management processes in one place. Your products will be ranked as high as possible on all marketplaces with the help of certain manipulations, which will allow you to sell at once and in large volumes.

Automate your multichannel selling! Try Now

In addition, watch out for competitive prices, use discounts and promotions, and various marketing tricks like creating urgency to make spontaneous purchases, because this is the type of purchase that takes up almost 80%. There are many other tricks, the main thing is to start and not to stop there.

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