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February 14, 2019



eBay Promoted Listings: How to Use It and Take Advantage of It?

Whenever you are on the verge of taking your eBay business from being just a side job to being a full-time affair, you go searching for ways of increasing the sales rate. eBay has a few tools for boosting your success. 🎯 With Promoted Listings probably being the easiest and a more affordable one of them.

We have created the complete guide to eBay Promoted Listings to let you get a better understanding of how it works. Including some PRO tips on how to utilize it for your maximum advantage.

What Is eBay Promoted Listings?

It is a flexible and risk-free tool for increasing the product visibility on the marketplace. In its core, Google’s or Amazon’s paid search marketing and Promoted Listings are quite alike. Meaning that eBay will display your listings to customers in high-visibility sections of the website with a sponsored/promoted label for a small fee.

The main difference of eBay Promoted Listings is the payment model. You don’t pay for clicks or impressions and there is no setup fee. eBay charges you only when a customer actually purchases the promoted item.

One of the advantages of this tool is the ease of use. 🙌 There is no need to create special banners or write texts for advertising. All you need is your ready eBay listings and a couple of clicks to start a promotional campaign.

Who can use eBay Promoted Listings?

Every seller from the US and all Global Top Rated Sellers who sell on can use this promotion option. As well as all merchants with store subscriptions in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Canada. 🌎

Enterprise level store subscriptions even come with credit for Promoted Listings included. And you can spend this credit on your campaigns.

Which eBay Promoted Listings Categories Can You Advertise in?

There are only four categories that are restricted from being in Promoted Listings. They are Real Estate, Vehicles, “Everything Else”, and Travel. All other categories are available.

How Much Does eBay Promoted Listings Cost?

There is no up-front payment. Basically, the amount you pay is up to you. When you set up a promotional campaign, there is a step where you define the percentage you are willing to pay for your listings being promoted.

Many sellers choose to promote their listings on eBay. When setting up the percentage you will see the “Average Ad Rate”. This number is an average of what other sellers pay for their campaigns and this is the number that you will compete against. 🤺

Note that this promotion fee is charged separately from the eBay Final Value Fee. So, you need to be very aware of your margins.

Promoted Listings Dashboard

You can easily control and track your Promoted Listings campaigns in the eBay dashboard. It has simple but effective analytics that you can use to monitor your performance. 👀 It contains:

  1. The number of views that were generated during the campaign.
  2. The number of clicks.
  3. How many promotions were successful and resulted in sales.
  4. The total amount of fees.
  5. The total number of sales and your earnings.

There are more than 50 eBay Promoted Listings positions. They are the places where listings from your campaign are shown to buyers. This includes desktop, mobile, and tablet versions of the website, premium placing in search results, and premium placing in “Similar sponsored items” or “Frequently bought together” sections. So, the customer is definitely more likely to see your promoted products.

According to eBay’s research, listings that were promoted via campaigns got from 30 to 40% more exposure on average. Of course, the results for your specific products might be different depending on various factors, like the amount of competition and the level of demand for your products. 📊 That is why you need to think through the campaign and see if eBay Promoted Listings fits in with your marketing efforts.

PRO Tips

Choose the right items for sale

A few types of products may be more fit for eBay Promoted Listings:

  • New items in your inventory — because you want to gain momentum from the very beginning. 🔛
  • Seasonal items — because there will be a lot of competition and a lot of potential customers.
  • Items on sale and from old collections — because you want to attract customers with good deals and get rid of the old inventory 🛍 before getting new items.
  • Your bestsellers — this one might sound counterintuitive. If you promote bestsellers you will lose a share of the margin to the Promoted Listings fee. But the overall sales volume can bring you a better profit. ⭐ All you need to do is remember to stock up before starting the campaign. Otherwise, you might run out of stock before making a good profit.

Also, it is generally not recommended to promote unique items or collectibles and slow-moving products. However, eBay’s “payment after delivery” fee model saves you from mistakes and provides possibilities for testing.

Perfect your listings

The better you listings look and fit the eBay ranking algorithm the more likely they are to be noticed and bring you a sale. Of course, when you use paid promotions your listings will show up in search on high positions regardless of whether or not they are perfectly optimized for Best Match. 💫 But it is still important to have the listings look impressive to persuade customers to purchase.

Review Ad Rate Trends before starting a campaign

When you set up a promotional campaign for each product eBay gives you the average Ad Rate for it. 😲 But there is a full list of all Ad Rates available. You can check it before deciding which products to promote and calculate the fee/margin ratio.

eBay does not disclose the max and min levels of Ad Rates but you can use trial and error when establishing your rate. Try to go higher or lower to see if it influences the level of sales in any way.

Compose a retail calendar for your specific products

A big part of promoting any product is seasonal campaigns. ☃️ Try composing a yearly retail calendar specific to your items. It might help to find new angles for promotions and help with inventory planning.

The UK version of the eBay website offers its own version of a retail calendar and you can use it as an example.

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