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5 Amazon FBA Tools every Amazon FBA Seller needs

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Amazon FBA seller tools

Running an Amazon business successfully takes a lot of time and attention. After all, it is not only the launch of the product that is crucial for its sales success, but also that the performance and KPIs are well monitored. Fortunately, sellers don't have to be magicians but can access a variety of useful Amazon FBA seller tools. The most important tools are product research tools, Amazon PPC tools, keyword & ranking tools, inventory tools, and feedback tools.

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Running an Amazon business successfully takes a lot of time and attention. After all, it is not only the launch of the product that is crucial for its sales success, but also that the performance and KPIs are well monitored. Fortunately, sellers don’t have to be magicians but can access a variety of useful Amazon FBA seller tools. The most important tools are product research tools, Amazon PPC tools, keyword & ranking tools, inventory tools, and feedback tools.

Amazon Product Research Tools

At the beginning of every seller journey, every Amazon seller has to ask himself which product he wants to sell. But especially when it comes to product research, you can’t get far without reliable data. On Amazon, there are dozens of product categories with hundreds and thousands of products, so it is basically impossible to manually analyze these categories and find a profitable niche. By now, there are several tools for Amazon FBA sellers on the market that will do the work for you and make it easier to find a profitable product. A good product research tool is therefore a tool every Amazon seller should use.

Amazon FBA Structure

Amazon Keyword & Ranking Tools

Amazon is basically nothing else than a search engine, only for products instead of websites. And Amazon, like Google, wants to show its users only results that are relevant to their search. For this purpose, Amazon’s algorithm compares the search terms used by the customer with keywords included in product detail pages. If the algorithm evaluates a product listing as relevant for the search, it will appear on the user’s search results page. And the further up the product is displayed in the search results, the more likely it is to be purchased. The main goal of every Amazon seller is therefore to have his product listings displayed as high up as possible in the customer’s search results.

There are many tools that help you optimize your listings so that they are displayed as high up in the customer’s search results as possible. A great Amazon keyword tool will help you find the most profitable keywords, find out for which keywords your competitors rank and let you monitor your rankings. Thus, an Amazon FBA keyword tool is something that every Amazon seller should add to his tool selection.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon Inventory Tools

Incorrect inventory management can cost you thousands of dollars and damage your product ranking. To sell successfully on Amazon, you must have a well thought out and organized inventory system. Too much inventory can cost you unnecessary storage costs. On the other hand, if you have too few products in stock, you run the risk of being out of stock and thus upsetting potential customers and losing their loyalty. Amazon FBA Inventory management tools help you order and store the right number of products at the right time and should thus be used by every Amazon FBA seller.

Sellbery is a multichannel listing tool which automatically synchronizes product listings, order and inventory data between online stores on Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and top marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon, Google ads. etc.

Amazon Feedback Tools

A product only sells successfully on Amazon if it has enough good reviews. The more positive reviews a product has, the more attractive it appears to other users, which increases the likelihood of it being sold. More sales lead to better rankings and therefore higher visibility in the search results on Amazon. Unfortunately, happy customers rarely leave a rating – but dissatisfied customers do. Another common thing is that competitors order your product and then give bad feedback to weaken your sales and performance. If you don’t monitor and review your ratings continuously, your sales rate and overall seller performance will suffer. Using a feedback tool is a great way to stay informed about the current status of your reviews and they offer many different features to improve your review performance. An Amazon feedback tool is thus a great investment in your Amazon FBA business.

Amazon Feedback System

Amazon PPC Tools

There are many reasons to run PPC campaigns for your products. You increase your visibility, you can push new products, defend and boost your sales position, strengthen your organic ranking and so on. There are many Amazon PPC tools available to help you start a good PPC campaign and not burn your entire advertising budget without seeing results. They help you set up, monitor and optimize your campaigns. By automating your campaigns, you save hundreds of hours of manual work and allow you to focus on other areas of your business. An Amazon PPC software should therefore be an essential part of your business tools.


As you can see, seller tools offer you many advantages and take a large part of your work off your hands. If you want to use tools, but don’t know which ones are best for you and your business, check out Sermondo, the global directory platform for Amazon FBA service providers. There you can find, compare and rate many different tools that help you grow your business.

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Table of contents

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