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Top 5 Ways to Secure Your Social Media Accounts

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Learn the top 5 ways to secure your social media: update privacy settings, limit personal info, be cautious with strangers, avoid scams, and block threats.

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Social media has taken over the world today. Children, adults, ordinary people, celebrities, stars, and politicians have accounts. People write about personal things, post photos and videos, and share important life events. But they also explore the pages of others. However, social media can also bring problems. For this reason, securing your profile in the digital space is important. The following tips will help you use social media without risking your reputation.

1. Make changes to your privacy settings.

If you haven’t checked your settings for a long time, it is time to do so. Make sure your posts are accessible only to your friends. A closed account is often the best solution. Look for ways for your digital security. Think about two-factor or multi-factor authentication, develop a strong password, and change it occasionally. All of this will help protect your page from being hacked. If the system offers to strengthen some settings, use these options.

2. Share as little personal information as possible.

Communication in social networks is quite acceptable, but some people post information on neutral topics or cover professional activities and some people like something very personal. Perhaps you should think a few times before sharing your intimate experiences with everyone.

Give less personal information to the public. You don’t need to give away everything about yourself, including phone numbers, residential addresses, family ties, and details of your family life. Photos should also be posted thoughtfully because you can learn a lot about a person from a photo. Learning more about WEBINT, a system that helps you effectively search for any information online, would be best.

3. Communicate with strangers with caution.

If people you do not know write to you and want to join your friends list, ensure you know who they are and why you need them. Most often, such “friends” can be scammers or distributors of fake information, spam, and unnecessary advertising.

Some FB groups can find users’ personal information to hack their accounts. Elusive cybercriminals track the personal information of ordinary people to blackmail or steal money from their accounts later. Therefore, it is better not to comment on suspicious social media posts or correspond with suspicious individuals.

4. Track the schemes of scammers and avoid them.

Today, there are many spam calls to your smartphone and letters to your e-mail. It is better not to answer the calls, and it is not recommended to open letters of unknown addressees and delete them immediately. If you receive a private message, for example, in messenger, that looks suspicious and contains an unknown link, treat it with caution. Mark it as phishing and delete it.

It would be best if you also were vigilant when making new acquaintances. If someone you are already friends with on social networks sends you a second request to be added as a friend, you should be wary. The scammer is probably trying to pretend to be your friend. Why? For example, to ask for a large amount of money for an operation or another “important” reason. Therefore, any information should be carefully double-checked.

5. Block those who bring you discomfort or threat.

If you notice that someone writes to you with an unclear purpose, interferes with your quiet life, threatens you, or makes suggestions of a sexual nature, you should complain about this user, explain the reason for the complaint, and block him. This will allow you to protect yourself from psychological influence and restore a sense of security. It is important to do the same with your children’s accounts.

Social networks help us keep up to date with news worldwide, communicate with others, and have an interesting time. However, there are some dubious characters here, just like everywhere else. Therefore, do not fall for their provocations; choose and analyze the information you share online, and actively use cybersecurity tools to protect yourself.

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Table of contents

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