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Protecting Sensitive Data: Why Your Business Needs a VPN

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Learn why implementing a virtual private network is essential for small businesses to securely protect sensitive data both inside and outside the office from cyber threats through encryption and secure remote access for employees.

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Although VPNs have become more common in the past few years, plenty of businesses are blissfully unaware of the impact they can have on their data security. Moreover, because of the incredibly fierce competition between rival VPN providers, the costs are relatively minimal when compared to just what you’re getting from them. This article aims to shed light on the obscure world of virtual private networks for organizations that have remained on the sidelines but are wondering whether investing is worthwhile.

Safeguard Your Business Data

There are no businesses that operate entirely offline these days. Whether it be minimal online use such as email and social media or more intricate activities like networking and remote work, the fact that you are online presents an opportunity for those of a more nefarious mindset to take advantage. Regardless of how much time you spend online, a VPN is a brilliant way to keep your data safer than it otherwise would be without one. Moreover, as mentioned in the introduction, these services are often incredibly affordable, making it almost a no-brainer. For instance, you can save with PureVPN’s 1 Year Deal, which also happens to have a 31-day money-back guarantee, further sweetening the deal. Once you invest in a VPN, you will quickly discover the peace of mind that they provide. Because they essentially encrypt all data that travels between a user’s device (or devices) and the web, it makes it almost impossible for hackers to take advantage of the data stream with which they can wreak havoc.

You Can Secure Remote Access With A VPN

Despite the fact that lots of businesses are requesting their employees to come back into the office, even if it’s for only a few days per week, the reality is that plenty of staff members are accessing company data remotely due to the productivity aspects this can bring. However, since you will never know where your staff might access company data, it’s crucial to invest in an enterprise-level VPN and demand they access data via the VPN rather than from an unprotected connection. Using a VPN, businesses can ensure that any access to file servers, internal websites, or application platforms is securely tunneled and encrypted. This protects confidential information like financial records, customer data, and proprietary trade secrets from interception. Modern VPN providers also have the added benefit of offering mobile applications that enable people to gain all of the advantages of the service while still using their mobile devices.


You Will Protect Against Cyber Threats

As cyber threats become increasingly more sophisticated and accessible even to those with minimal experience (think script kiddies), companies need multilayered defenses to safeguard their operations and mission-critical data. Importing a VPN strengthens security by preventing many common threats faced online. One of the more common threats encountered online by both businesses and individuals is an attack referred to as a man-in-the-middle attack. These are where threat actors secretly intercept and alter communications between two parties. Such attacks can target your data, making it easier for attackers to invade your systems, or could even pose a threat to your customers by pretending to be you. As you might imagine, you really want to avoid these attacks like the plague, and perhaps the best way to do this is to encrypt your data as it travels from one location to another. This also happens to be where VPNs shine since they send your information through a kind of encrypted tunnel that is almost impossible to break through using conventional, brute-force techniques. Other common cyber threats like phishing attempts and malware infections aim to steal login credentials or hijack devices for malicious ends. Using a VPN disrupts these tactics by blocking unauthorized network access attempts, preventing unsecured connections, and filtering hostile websites.

They Are Extraordinarily Easily Set Up And Manage

While VPNs deliver powerful security benefits, they can be daunting for smaller businesses to implement if not user-friendly. Fortunately, modern VPN services are remarkably simple to set up and manage for both individual and organizational use. Many VPN providers offer easy-to-use apps for all major devices and platforms. Within minutes, users can download, activate, and connect their computers and mobile devices securely. You can also find a detailed but uncomplicated guided setup that walks through installation, authentication, and connection steps. For IT administrators, centralized management consoles allow bulk user and device provisioning as well as granular policy controls. Teams can create and enforce network-level security policies without advanced technical skills. Detailed reporting offers full network visibility.

A VPN is, in many respects, an almost essential instrument that every organization should either be utilizing or considering implementing. They safeguard your customers and data and can provide an enormous quantity of peace of mind for a relatively modest outlet.

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Table of contents

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