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7 NEW AI Essay Writers & Generators for 2024 to Write Stunning Essays

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Best AI for Writing Essays

Read the article to get information about the best AI tools to use in 2024. We included information about the provided features, advantages, and disadvantages of the described AI tool.

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Best AI for Writing Essays: Top 7 Tools, Their Pros and Cons, and the Price to Consider

Several years ago, the term “artificial intelligence” sounded weird, as if it was a foreign language of aliens. Today, it is a daily-use word combination typical for many different life areas, including education. AI content generation is one of the most common reasons students use AI tools for their studies. Such apps and programs help them create their presentations, prepare writing papers, and make research papers efficient and well-researched.

The table below includes the top 7 effective tools you may use to develop the best-quality content.

Tool Core features Cost
AI essay writer by CustomWriting Users can create essays with top content that is well-formated. free Users have a chance to use built-in templates for their academic home assignments to create worthy content. no free plan available; $1 for 1K words or from $19 per month It is integrated with ChapGPT3.5 and ChatGPT4 and grammar checkers for the best text writing. no free trial version;

depends on the number of chosen words (from $4.99 for 20K words with ChatGPT3.5 and $3 for 10K words with ChatGPT4) It helps to write different types of papers and generate citations in MLA and APA formats free testing;

from $10 a month;

discount for a yearly subscription It has over 80 tools to enhance the writing quality and content creation experience. free trial version;

from $19 a month It is integrated with GPT Zero and Chrome for more efficient content and citation creation. free testing;

from $4.99;

discount for a yearly subscription It is integrated with WordPress, Shopify, and API and allows you to create content for different types of papers. free trial version;

from $29; yearly discount

Now, let’s talk a bit more about each of the introduced technology.

AI Essay Writer by CustomWriting

Tutors use this AI to help write essays, as this tool creates perfect samples to follow. Instead of demonstrating papers of previous students (who might disagree with that), teachers generate an essay using the preferred formatting style, topic, discipline, and length. However, this tool has its positive and negative features.

AI Essay Writer by CustomWriting

Positive and Negative Features to Consider

This tool has its pros and cons to be aware of. Let’s start with its advantages.

  • It is an automated essay writing service that generates the assigned content quickly and qualitatively after a person provides a narrow-purposed goal.
  • It has several useful functions to enjoy the best-quality essay sample, such as format, length, discipline, topic, and a number of sources.
  • The tool generates texts quickly and allows docx download.
  • The generator is 100% free.
  • It has a thesis statement generator to create a convincing argument.
  • AI and plagiarism detectors are included.

Speaking about the negative features, these are:

  • limited options (only MLA or APA formatting; up to 4 pages; up to 4 used sources; only  Docx is available for downloading)


It is the best free essay writing AI to let students get the best sample of essays that they need for their academic homework. Besides, it has tools to check plagiarism and the percentage of the generated text by AI.

This tool lets writers turn long hours of writing into a couple of minutes due to advanced AI for academic writing. It is a good tool for writers, bloggers, founders, and copywriters.

Features, Pros, and Cons

Speaking about its features, this tool lets you:

  • get the best AI and writing quality
  • use the built-in templates
  • build posts easily due to the drag-and-drop option
  • enjoy SEO insight
  • use 110 languages to create content for customers from different countries
  • create content of different types
  • use PDF chat
  • utilize plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tools
  • integration to different platforms like Gmail, Google Sheets, Twitter, WordPress, etc.

Speaking about the negative sides, it has the following disadvantages:

  • a bit complicated setup steps
  • no grammar checker
  • brand voice is hard to preserve when generating long texts
  • no free trial version


The price depends on the word count and users, workflows, and AI model. There are three options:

  • $19/month (starter)
  • $59/month (pro)
  • $99/month (business)

It is a multipurpose AI writing tool for writers, students, bloggers, and editors that derives top-notch content in a couple of minutes.

Main Features

Let’s start with its features.

  • good-quality AI that writes essays, social media posts, ads, writing ideas, and other content in bulk
  • specialized AtricleGPT for SEO-friendly and fact-based article writing
  • Hix editor with an integrated Grammarly for in-text corrections
  • Hix email writer and chats with the integrated ChatGPT (versions 3.5 and 4)
  • Chrome extension integration for better user experience
  • multilingual support and various types of content creation

Speaking about the negative sides of the tool, we should mention that it has no free trial option that lets you test the technology.


It has four variants for different needs that depend on the AI type, the number of words, and specific features:

  • free for least $1 to open its features
  • basic for $19.99/month
  • pro for $39.99/month
  • ultimate for $99.99/month

This new AI that writes essays provides all the required writing essentials for students and professional writers.

Features to Consider

The tool benefits from the following features:

  • it has an installed grammar and punctuation checker
  • it gives hits for advanced style choice
  • it checks plagiarism
  • rewrites articles
  • supports multiple languages

The only disadvantage is a truly limited free plan.


It has several options which depend on the available credits and characters:

  • limited or free
  • unlimited essentials for $10/month
  • unlimited productive + Google Scholar integration for $29/month

It is a worthy AI tool to write essay assignments, blogs, and social media posts as well as marketing purpose samples.

Features and Negative Aspects

The tool has the following features.

  • 82 integrated tools for blogs, social media, business, and academic purposes
  • no-cost credits with chatGPT 3.5 and WordPress integration
  • text-to-speech converter

Speaking about disadvantages, it badly adapts the voice to fit the writing goal, and its texts are usually full of plagiarism as it does not have plagiarism detectors. So, this tool produces only academic writing samples.


Copymatic has the following pricing plans.

  • free trial version
  • pro for $19/month
  • team for $32/month
  • enterprise for 66/month

It belongs to AI writing tools to generate and rewrite content without plagiarism and robotic sentences.

Features and Main Cons

The tool has many useful features to use while writing.

  • a Chrome extension is available
  • PDF format available
  • generates content + citations
  • has autocomplete option
  • scans texts to detect AI
  • turns robotic texts into human-written
  • supports many languages

Speaking about its negative aspects, it:

  • requires Chrome to function properly
  • offers only fixed templates
  • can be only web-used


The pricing deals with three plans that depend on the number of tokens and extra features:

  • free + manual masterclass
  • Pro $4.99/month
  • Limitless for $9.99/month
This AI for academic writing has everything a person needs to create stunning content quickly and qualitatively.

Features and Disadvantages

This tool has the following features to enjoy:

  • content writing and rewriting
  • generation of images
  • PDF format
  • suits for the creation of newsletters
  • a variety of templates to use

Speaking about the cons, they are:

  • the SEO element is less impressive than in competitors
  • the created pictures are of low quality
  • the best features are not available in the demo version


It has two plans and a no-cost offer that include specific plan-based features.

  • free demo
  • Individual for $29/month
  • Teams for $59/month

Final Thoughts

You should choose the best AI that writes essays for you from the list above to get the best samples or the required content quickly. You should choose the one that meets your pricing preferences and the desired features like automated content generating and AI of the latest generation to get verified information.

If you need only an essay generator without some super advanced technology, the AI essay generator from CustomWritings might be your best choice. It meets the requirements of academic papers without payment.


How do AI essay writers improve writing quality?

A good academic paper must be unique, well-structured, properly formatted, and scientifically argued. AI finds relevant information, paraphrases it to avoid plagiarism, and uses the assigned format to structure and format a paper, including the bibliography section.

Can AI tools write essays without plagiarism?

These tools paraphrase the existing information. Consequently, a person gets a paper without plagiarism. Most generators have built-in plagiarism checkers to let you see the uniqueness of the provided content.

What are the benefits of using AI for academic writing?

These tools have an integrated AI of high quality with grammar and plagiarism checkers. Besides, they collect information from different sources, making backed-up content without mistakes. Some allow formatting features that let users get not only a well-structured academic paper but also a list of used sources in the required format. These samples are widely used in lots of universities and colleges.

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