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5 Ways Craft Breweries Can Maximize Online Sales

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Boost your craft brewery's online sales with data analysis, multi-channel platforms, compelling listings, storytelling, and customer feedback.

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You’re brewing exceptional craft beers, but how do you ensure they reach enthusiasts far and wide? The digital marketplace teems with potential, but online sales will stagnate unless you’re actively doing something to stimulate them.

So rather than treading water, here’s the lowdown on some strats that will ideally send your order numbers into the stratosphere.

Implementing Data-Driven Inventory Management

Harnessing data is the first and most impactful way that craft breweries can refine and grow their online sales. It’s a simple case of using analytics intelligently to transform raw numbers into actionable insights.

With a focus on consumer behavior, purchase patterns, and inventory levels, it’s more than possible to strategize with precision. It’s just a case of using suitably equipped software platforms for this purpose. For instance, on Ollie you’ll find lots of tools for handling brewery operations digitally; these provide a wealth of information that can inform everything from production schedules to promotional campaigns.

Making use of Multi-Channel Platforms to Propagate Sales Growth

Employing a multi-channel eCommerce approach not only amplifies visibility but also caters to consumer convenience. A Softtek report found that brands with omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to a 33% retention rate for those with weak omnichannel efforts.

Leveraging platforms such as Untappd and Drizly, or even creating a bespoke ordering system, means you’re wherever your customers need you to be—just a click away from their next favorite brew. So in combination with effective lead generation, an omnichannel presence positions your business to blossom.

Letting Listings Listing do the Talking

Your virtual shelf is where first impressions are brewed. As such, an optimized product listing is essential—it’s the clarity in your pilsner, the richness in your porter.

Each product description should be clear and engaging, featuring high-definition images and tasting notes that leap off the screen. Include awards or ratings to bolster credibility, and don’t forget pairing suggestions to entice the culinary curiosity of your audience.

Also think about the timing – so seasonal releases can feature prominently, capitalizing on timely trends and tastes. Get a handle on this, and you’ll see that a well-tuned listing not only attracts eyes but also convince people to part with their cash quickly.

Selecting and Perfecting Storytelling as a Branding Exercise

The craft beer market is still enjoying huge growth, expanding 10% annually and moving towards a projected value of $210 billion within the next 5 years. So even if you’ve got the hoppiest IPA or the richest stout to offer, you need a well thought-out brand story to ensure they’re the brews that everyone toasts to.

Your story can be about the heritage of your hops, the lore of your locale, and the passion behind every pour. And of course putting across this authenticity and heart in the content you distribute digitally will both win over customers and keep your sales ticking upwards.

Steps like sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, brewer profiles, and tales from taproom regulars via blog posts or social media stories lets you invite customers into your world. This engagement builds loyalty stronger than steel kegs—and just as enduring.

Perfecting Brews with Customer Insights

Feedback is the yeast that can make your brewery’s reputation rise. Establishing a loop where customer responses inform your brewing process signals not just attentiveness but a commitment to excellence.

To do this, encourage reviews and ratings, engage in social media conversations, and solicit direct feedback through surveys or tasting events. This means that interaction isn’t one-way, since you can act on the insights gathered to refine recipes, improve descriptions, or even adjust packaging designs.

Let’s say you made a seasonal ale which received mixed reviews for its bold infusion of spices – loved by a handful, but ignored by most. Tempering the blend according to customer preferences for next year could allow it to become a bestseller – impressing customers old and new. It’s an example of how effective feedback loops turn customers into collaborators, co-creating products they’re eager to champion.

The Bottom Line

It should not be surprising that craft breweries must adopt a nimble and strategic approach to online selling if they want to make a difference. These methods we’ve outlined to elevate your online presence, from letting data guide your decisions to telling stories that resonate, should serve you and your customers well – so don’t be reticent about rolling them out!

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Table of contents

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