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Top 10 Best AI Essay Writing Apps 2024

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Discover the top 10 AI essay writing apps of 2024 to elevate your writing. Enhance research, essay quality, and meet deadlines with ease.

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Writing quality papers and completing assignments on time can be challenging if you don’t use effective strategies. Luckily, you can reduce anxiety and produce well- written materials with the help of AI essay apps. There are numerous tools that can help you improve your research skills, essays, and overall quality of your writing. In this article, we have outlined the ten best AI essay writing applications, focusing on their features, capabilities, and pricing to help you complete your assignments efficiently.

What are AI Essay Writing Apps?

AI essay writing apps are tools that use machine learning approaches and more organized and latest language processing systems to enable users to generate well- written content. Although an Essay Writer can’t be 100% effective, it can help you produce quality content within a short time.

How to Choose the Best AI Essay Writing App

Here are some useful tips to help you choose reliable apps that write your essay for you. Check them out:

1. Identify Your Needs

Before choosing an AI essay writer app, you should check if it aligns with your needs. Everyone has unique writing requirements, goals, and learning objectives. What works perfectly for a high scholar might not be the best option for a college student. So, you should prepare a brief outline of your needs and compare different AI writing tools’ capabilities and features to ensure you choose the one that can help you meet your expectations.

2. Research Features

The efficiency of an essay app depends on its capacity to deliver extensively researched content. Although most people believe AI writers can’t produce dependable and credible assignments, that’s not always the case. You can gauge an application’s ability to produce organized content even though it might not be as perfect as human writers.

3. Focus on Your Skill Level

Choosing an essay writer app to help you with your papers can’t be stressful if you know your weaknesses and strengths.That means you should understand your skills level, including writing abilities. Some applications might be too complex for you to use while others are user friendly and generate more complex sentence structures, vocabulary, and content. So, you should know your ability and ensure to choose what suits you best.

4. Evaluate Ease of Use

Apart from improving the quality of your writing, essay apps are meant to increase your speed by helping you generate essays, research papers, and other assignments within a short time. So, you should analyze an application’s ease of use to ensure you don’t waste your time whenever you want to complete your papers.

5. Check for Academic Suitability

The best AI Essay Writing Tools allow users to produce essays and other assignments from scratch. The applications can simplify your school life, although you should check to ensure they are suitable for your academic journey. Some AI essay apps can generate plagiarized content if you don’t use them in the right way. So, you should be careful to avoid such. In addition, you shouldn’t rely on the applications exclusively.

The Top 10 AI Essay Apps in 2024

Here is our list of common apps for essay writing

1. is a quality and innovative AI Essay Writer app designed to function comprehensively in the diverse needs of writers with efficient delivery of ideas, texts, and demands from different disciplines. The platform has an interactive user interface that allows writers and students to be productive in terms of research, creating outlines for their work, and generating summaries for their essays. is renowned for its flexible pricing strategy and ease of use that allows students to write essays, research topics and ideas, and summarize long texts, including providing relevant sources for their work. If you are wondering, “Can I use an essay writing app free?” you should try However, you should pay $16.99 and $19.99 per month to enjoy the pro plan and unlimited plan,respectively.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI tool is one of the common apps for essay writing due to its diverse generative features as an application that can provide topic ideas, write text, and improve users’ competence. With an agile and easy-to-use user interface, Jasper AI provides comfort when generating SEO content and any other types of papers that need consistent quality and creativity. The writing tool offers premium options for its users with a 7-day trial period, which is cheaper and integrated with multiple high-end features like team accounts, more than 50 templates, and translations to about 25 languages. For any large-scale content creation, Jasper AI is the ultimate and most reliable option for writers requiring unique thematic generation and topics.

3. is a popular essay app that has gained a positive reputation due to its advanced and optimised algorithms used in generating texts. The most unique features of are scalability and the ease of integration with other platforms to generate customised and quality content that meets users’ needs. If you are looking for an essay writer to help you customize your papers, this is one of the ideal options. Copy. ai offer a free plan for new users. However, you are expected to pay $35.00 per month to access more advanced features.

4. has a convenient foundation as an essay writing service provider. It is one of the most popular applications among college students due to its positive reputation in the market. In response to the evolution of AI, the company has integrated multiple tools and platforms that allow students to write quality texts within a short period. If you want to use an essay writing app free, this is an ideal option to try out, although you’ll have to pay for more advanced features.. As an economic AI writing tool, offers students free plans and premium packages starting at $39.92 annually, which conveniently provides subscribers access to extensive databases with an advanced plagiarism checker optimized to ensure quality and satisfaction.

5. AI-Writer

AI-Writer is a powerful and versatile essay writer app for students and content writers. It is an advanced and optimized tool that can help you generate high-quality texts within the shortest time possible and guarantee satisfactory results. The AI tool has a simple user interface integrated with multiple features that allow you  to customize your papers. AI-Writer offers convenient writing assistance bloggers, copywriters, and SEO creators seeking to enhance the quality of their written content and automate the writing process. The tool also supports academic writing services, by allowing students to generate research papers and essays without plagiarism, including in-text citations and sources for the articles written.

Based on the versatility and advanced features of the platform, AI-Writer offers different pricing

categories, starting with the basic plan at $29, the standard plan at $59, and the power plan at

$375 monthly, each depending on the needs and generation requirements of users.

6. ChatGPT

ChatGPT established its reputation as an intelligent chatbot, allowing users to create prompts and generate responses with close resemblance to human dialogue. The tool operates on advanced generative platforms providing users with quality output and responses, whether as texts, images, or videos based on the prompts it receives. As an automated system, ChatGPT continues to revolutionize the industry, continuously evolving with more advanced tools and optimized capabilities to meet users’ needs. In the tool’s dynamic improvements, it offers a premium package of $20 monthly to subscribers, allowing them access to new features after updates with faster response time and priority during its peak times of operation.

7. RyterAI

RyterAI markets itself as a top AI writing tool that rivals other platforms based on how much it offers and the extensive features it supports. As an advanced option to most AI writing tools, RyterAI is vast in its disciplines, not only operating as a text generator but also providing servicers to artists, illustrators, and creative image generators. The platform can provide quality and customizable blog posts for websites, social media posts, and ads, logos, analyze data, provide summaries for long texts and email generation. The advanced algorithm used by RyterAI also offers its users custom AI, with tools allowing creators to build their customizable AI platforms. The platform allows two pricing plans for subscribers; the professional plan at $29 and the premium plan for $49 monthly.

8.  is one of the leading essay writing apps that operate on a neural network model advanced to generate optimized content in different disciplines and subjects. As a trained AI writing assistant, the platform is integrated with an extensive database, allowing generation of quality essays that adhere to high academic standards. The platform’s interactive user interface enhances ease of usage and optimized interaction for students. What’s more, the application offers pocket-friendly plans starting from as low as $1.99 per every 100 words. However, the pricing varies depending on the additional features a user woud like to enjoy, frequency of use, and preference on subscription plan.

9. Essay-Builder.AI

Essay-Builder.AI is a top-notch AI essay writer app that has leveraged the power of artificial intelligence to offer custom essays and content for students in different topics and disciplines. The AI tool operates on an optimized application that efficiently enables the generation of texts with different tones depending on clients’ needs and level of proficiency. The application also allows students to create content for their essays and research depending on their academic levels, with in-built tools that support text formatting, for instance, APA or other academic formatting styles as per users’ demands. However, access to this AI essay app’s advanced features depends on the pricing plan a user subscribes to, starting with a demo, unlimited plan pricing at $5 per month, and a yearly plan at $39.

10. HiveMind

HiveMind AI operates as an advanced platform for task automation, revolutionizing chatbots for writers and promoting efficiency in collaboration and project planning. The tool can be integrated into business portfolios to streamline the execution of plans and promote efficiency in the delivery of projects and processes like email generation and workflow customization. HiveMind AI pricing is dynamic depending on users’ needs, starting with the Solo plan, which is free. The Teams plan is priced at $12 per monthly. Another popular plan for this essay writing app is the Enterprise plan, which mainly targets individuals with complex tasks. .

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does AI Essay Writing Apps Work?

Essay apps work by exploring several databases, academic papers and research articles to develop relevant information that meets users’ needs. The applications have inbuilt language processing skills and machine learning systems that allow them to process information. They generate essays and other written content by analyzing the topic in question, identifying the key points and concepts, and producing papers with a well-outlined structure. Some essay writing apps present the essays in a draft format and then offer revision and editing tools that allow you to edit the content to your preference. Once you are satisfied with the content of the draft essay, the apps finalize the essay in a more precise and clear manner.

Can AI Apps Help Improve My Writing Skills Overall?

Yes, apps that write your essay for you can improve your writing skills since they use up-to-date language processing systems that make  limited spelling or grammar mistakes. Therefore, they can help you avoid such mistakes in your subsequent assignments..The apps also process different prompts and can offer guidance on key ideas for the topics and suggest improvement areas. While the applications can help refine a writer’s skills, students should not entirely depend on them; overdependence can limit self-reliance and affect problem solving skills.

How Accurate Are AI Generated Essays?

AI generated essays may not be as accurate as papers written by human  writers because they are prone to bias on recommendation. Unlike humans, AI apps cannot incorporate critical thinking skills, authenticity and creativity. Sometimes the systems may design incomplete or inaccurate concepts and a users will require more time to proofread and edit their essays. However, the accuracy level sometimes depends on the quality and model of the AI essay app as some systems incorporate high quality algorithms and processors that allow quality output compared to others.

Do The Apps Work for All Essay Types and Academic Levels?

AI essay apps work for different academic levels but they lack human ability and creativity, hence, cannot work for essays that require personal reflection or reactions. For instance, the applications cannot offer reflective accounts on topics that affect humans or the human environment. Additionally, they may not generate accurate information for complex topics that require extensive research or creative thinking.

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