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The Human Connection: Why Some Clients Prefer Writers Over AI

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Struggling with academic challenges? Unsure about choosing AI language models or professional writing services? Discover insightful comparisons and reasons why many students still opt for the human touch in academic assistance despite the allure of AI technologies like Chat GPT.

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Academic assistance is an integral part of any student’s life. It is especially relevant for modern students. Nowadays, young people have to juggle personal life, part-time jobs, and academic responsibilities more intensely than a decade ago. Many of them can scan domyessay reviews and make a weighted decision regarding what type of help they get. Yet, there is another option for educational aid besides an assignment writing service.

AI language models and GPT chat, in particular, have entered the niche of academic assistance. Chatbots can generate answers quicker than human-based platforms. AI language models are primarily free, or their price is significantly lower than professional services. Yet, many students still prefer custom assignment writing platforms. What is their secret?

This article explores the relationship between students, AI language models, and professional writing platforms to find the answer to this question.

GPT Chat: AI Technological Marvel

AI chatbots have been the buzzwords of recent years. More and more companies adopt this technology or something based on GPT chat. But what is Chat GPT exactly? It is a product by OpenAI that uses corpora of texts and natural language processing principles to generate human-like responses. It is a chat that can be a personal assistant, secretary, and even an assignment writing service.

Chat GPT has the following advantages regarding academic writing:

  • Speed. Chat GPT generates answers within minutes, completing even the longest assignments in reasonable terms.
  • Ease of use. Despite sophisticated technology under the hood, Chat GPT has a user-friendly interface. Users must only type their request in the dialogue window, and the chatbot will reply.
  • Availability. Chat GPT base model is free of charge. You have unlimited access to all the functionality without spending anything. Upgrade is an option but not a requirement.

These benefits seem significant when it comes to the completion of academic assignments.

Yet, there are also certain issues that students face when turning to Chat GPT’s aid:

  • High plagiarism. Due to the nature of its training, Chat GPT produces highly plagiarised texts. Moreover, its texts are easily detected by special software. Certain institutions deem AI-generated texts as academic dishonesty.
  • Biased responses. Human-like interactions imply not only correct facts but mistakes and miscalculations also. Chat GPT can provide unreliable facts that are inappropriate for an academic assignment.
  • Technical limitations. Chat GPT cannot generate more than a hundred words per response. You must divide your request into multiple messages, and Chat GPT may lose the thread. Besides, there are moments of server overload when the service is unavailable.

These downsides do not allow Chat GPT to become the ultimate solution for all educational challenges.

Assignment Writing Services: Experts’ Professional Help

Regarding academic aid, a professional assignment writing service is superior to ChatGPT in delivering high-quality custom writing.

Besides, you may expect the following benefits when cooperating with the expert writing platform:

  • Authentic specialists. Writing experts are not merely words. When you turn to the platform, you may expect that a true expert in the field will provide you with assignment writing help.
  • Originality. The high standards of the market require impeccable quality. It implies texts free of plagiarism and with proper formatting.
  • Personalized approach. Custom writing platforms follow all the instructions and wishes. Whether you want to pursue a certain angle or include specific info – these wishes will be met.
  • Wide range of services. AI language models will deliver homogeneous responses for different requests. At the same time, each type of service on a professional writing platform will meet specific features of the assignment.

Yet, all these excellent advantages have downsides, too:

  • Deadlines. You cannot expect a professional writing platform to deliver a paper instantly. You’ll have to wait several hours before the assignment’s completion. The best option is to place an order a few days before the deadline.
  • Pricing. Each assignment will have a price. Naturally, you may save some money via promo codes or extended deadlines, yet nothing will be free.

The drawbacks are few, but they are essential for getting academic aid. Why do students still prefer custom writing platforms to AI language models?


Human Touch: Genuine Academic Assitance

The AI language model by OpenAI is awe-inspiring. It shows how AI technologies have developed and shaped the modern tech market. Yet, it still lacks the primary component – the human touch.

While Chat GPT emulates human replies, it lacks the natural analyzing capabilities and attention. Chat GPT works on patterns. When you ask it to clarify certain information or correct something – it will give you another pattern. It may or may not align with the previous answer. Chat GPT may also provide you with the same reply as the last message.

The inability of the AI language model to analyze information adequately turns academic assistance into more of a chore than it should be. At the same time, assignment help services are in constant contact with their clients. You may discuss all the essential details beforehand. Even if writers will make a mistake, you may also make additional corrections, and revision will meet them.

Active feedback and professional analysis make professional writing platforms a preferred way to get academic assistance for many students.

AI writing has entered the field of academic assistance. AI language models deliver fast and accessible texts for educational aid requests. Yet, these assignments severely lack in quality and are heavily plagiarised. In the end, they are unreliable.

An assignment writing service with competent professionals handles the task much better. Students may turn to domyessay or any other platform and get adequate assistance. More importantly, they will have authentic feedback and a personalized approach to any assignment. Even with the limitations, custom writing platforms are still preferable by many students.

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