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Rakuten Overview is a US-based marketplace, previously known as It was acquired and rebranded by the Japanese giant Rakuten, Inc. in 2010. The marketplace primarily operates in the United States but also has local branches in Europe. Rakuten marketplace offers great customization opportunities for sellers, e.g. personalized storefronts, photos, and promotions. Also, the site provides its sellers with various customer outreach tools, data intelligence, and loyalty programs. Start selling on Rakuten marketplace with Sellbery today!

About Rakuten USA



Rakuten USA Create Account (available for the US-based merchants only)

Rakuten USA Merchant Support

To establish a connection between your Rakuten USA and Sellbery you will need to fill in the following fields:

  • API Key
  • Shop URL

The “Country” drop-down menu in Sellbery comes prefilled with “US” since the app currently supports only the USA part of the marketplace.

To get your API Key you need to address the Rakuten support and they will send you the key in the email.

Simply copy the text below, add your information to the email and send it to *mailto:*.


I would like to receive my Rakuten account credentials. Please provide my API Authentication Key to integrate my Rakuten account with the Sellbery App.

My account information:

  • Account company name.
  • Account email address (use it to send the email).
  • Seller ID.

To get the “Shop URL” go to your Rakuten account, open the “Settings” drop-down menu and click on “Seller Information”. Copy the Shop URL and paste it to the matching field in Sellbery settings.