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Monday, December 13, 2021 Updates

Rebuilding a Brand filled with Care and Boldness!

As you’re reading this, you must have noticed the change in our brand design and logo- a sharp yellow color logo, vibrant set of colors and a refreshing interface. These are the elements that you are seeing on the surface, hence we wanted to share more about what is going on and why we decided to redesign our brand.

Rebuilding a Brand Photo

What do we mean by brand?

A brand is more than a brand to us. It’s important to us that our brand represents two areas:

How we express as Sellbery? How we express our visual identity and how our tone of voice is reflected in our Blogs or on our website
How others experience Sellbery? How do people experience our brand for their needs and at the same time, what impression do they create about us

We’ve changed and so has our brand..

We heard your concerns!

We asked people how they felt about Sellbery 1.0. Most of them had issues with the product and were frustrated with how it wasn’t fulfilling their needs for their eCommerce experience.

We knew we needed to step up and bring something exceptional for our customers. To create a brand that would instill our mission, vision, and values.

Learn more about us and our values that we have aimed to reflect through our brand.

Sellbery 2.0 Picture

Sellbery becomes Sellbery 2.0

We are on a mission to give every entrepreneur the opportunity to become a part of the global market.

We create what we know very well, and many of us are sellers ourselves who understand all aspects of online shopping.

A redesigned logo

Our full logo, Sellbery, comes with the “S” hand drawn to make it distinct and rest of the letters written in Gillroy font. We picked a sharp yellow color for our logo with a minimalistic hand drawn “S” that not only portrays minimalism but also portrays friendliness and cheer.

Redesigned logo Picture

Brand Name, Philosophy and Ideology

“Sellbery”- a name associated with selling online, does not promise an increase in sales directly but promises to increase sales through optimization of your products with the help of Sellbery. The new and redesigned name depicts an increasing chart that suggests an increase in sales and your profit.

Our slogan – Think Outside of Manual eSelling– gives a very clear idea about selling not within the box of “manual selling” but selling in a smart manner with the help of an automoted tool that will help you to be result driven without the immense manual work.

Brand Name, Philosophy and Ideology Picture

Brand Colours

With our new brand colours, we are seeking to draw in customers with a warm and comforting energy, giving an impression to the viewers of our website; that we are here to help and we care about your frustrations and problems. The colours are intended to uplift the energy of the people who will see our website for the first time.

Brand Colours Picture
The colors that are used in the app:

They are all cool. Used to achieve the most airy and light effect. Without visually overload of the interface with hues and colors. Metaphor for the sea. A feeling of freshness with the sea breeze, and the depth of the ocean.

Tiffany color. We used it as an accent color for the buttons in the product. Calm, peaceful, light.

Lavender Blue color. Used for links in the system. Great accent color, while complementing the two main colors in the product.

The colors that are used in the app Picture

Our Style

We have chosen to use Gillroy as the main font for the Sellbery website. Gillroy is well-suited to graphic design and any display application, and may easily be used for online and editorial design.

It’s simple to read and comes in a variety of designs. It has a sleek appearance and goes well with the theme and colour palette of our brand.

Our illustrations are intended to give the viewer a pleasant and casual energy that will uplift the mood of the customer and paint a better picture of who we are and what we do; creating a sense of trust.

Our Style Picture

Sellbery as brand, brand as persona

Our visual language has a very broad vocal range. It adapts its tone to the situation, whether we’re encouraging our users, presenting a story, or describing a product. Our core colors (yellow, purple, green, and orange) tell us the following characteristics about our brand persona.

We are Bold
We are Carrying
We are Smart
We are Energetic
Sellbery’s brand identity represents a male person who carries certain characteristics:

“We don’t strive to be in the center of attention but aim to be helpful, carrying. At the same time, we are authoritative with a great sense of humor and are not afraid to be different.”

Sellbery’s brand identity Picture
The way we appear in design, writing, and paid marketing creatives reflects some or all of Sellbery's character:
The intelligence of Sellbery is shown through our use of language and in-depth knowledge on topics. It's a capability to make something complex - simpler for our audience. We appreciate good puzzles, we dig deep into the topic and provide the most value for the sellers.
Sellbery’s is represented in our color palette and tone of voice which is brief and to-the-point. We write with enthusiasm.
Sellbery is not afraid to speak out and be different in content, voice, design when it makes sense.
We make ourselves a guide and make our audience a Hero. In our tone and educational content, we help sellers get the news in the format they would like. We make them matter more than ourselves even though we are bold in what we believe in.

We believe in constantly evolving

For people to have a good experience with Sellbery, we commit to stepping up and being the best we can be for our users wherever it will be needed. We aim to stick to our mission, vision and values and give the best to the users.

Sellbery is all about bringing more opportunities for online sellers than ever before.

We believe in the power of putting things together without constraints

We created a tool that helps you, the seller, manage several stores easily in one place with a well-designed usable dashboard. With Sellbery, you can have a single source of truth for your product.

We do not promise sales, but we do promise to make the process of optimization simpler which can in turn increase sales.

Sellbery – Think Outside of Manual eSelling!

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